Saturday, February 05, 2005


The boy escaped the crib at 23 months. So now we have to plan on the fact that he can get out. Not only that, he has mastered the doorknob. Uh oh. We have our friend with their 8 week old. Every time I pick Jack up I nearly throw him into the sky as I'm expecting 25 lbs or so, not 8. Amazing how they grow.


Anonymous said...

That's my boy. It's over, Jack. Now that he's gotten out, it will be his sole entertainment for the next two months, or until the wall comes down. Time to child proof for opposable thumbs.


Anonymous said...

Just be proud! Time to give up on the idea of a crib wall. If you have a crib that you can take the door off, then do it now. If not, then keep the door lowered and give him some sort of soft landing. The next issue is keeping him from falling down the stairs. Which, by the way, IS innevitable. Just ask both my kids.