Thursday, February 24, 2005

Butte baggin

I like big buttes and I cannot lie.

Summitted Rocky Butte followed by Mt Tabor for a lunchtime spin. Sunny & 60's in February? Hail Hail the norwal... I mean Hail Hail global warming. The trees & plants are beginning to flower. It's a glorious time of year. We Portlanders are latitudinally challenged and suffer in winter by losing an extra hour of daylight when compared to everywhere else we've lived. Seems my route has been tight along the same latitude: DC Metro, San Francisco Bay Area & Boulder. Our winter pain becomes our summer revenge. Momentarily we will be crossing the equinox into the promised land. We get the last laugh. Rain? What's that? With the dryest season in recent years I'm almost disappointed. Where's the big February ice storm? Hey, I built up some ice tires for my bike so I could laugh at mother nature. Next season... .

The best part about spring will be our new family members to arrive TOMORROW. I'm setting up their indoor living quarters for the next six weeks, then they upgrade to their own detached home. Benjamin's birthday gift comes early. Photos upon their arrival.

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