Saturday, February 26, 2005

name the chicks POLL

We're looking for names for the birds so give us your input & we'll take it to the judiciary committee. For reference they are identified as Yellow Araucana, Colorful Araucana, & Barred Rock. Place your votes TODAY. To help you with the process, here's a little about each of their personalities.

Yellow Araucana is the king of the roost. It's the leader and the group follows it to the water and food. It doesn't take any crap and often sits on the other birds.

Colorful Araucana is one cool looking bird. This is the one that I immediately spotted and decided I must have it. It pecks a little at the other birds and grooms itself with some frequency.

Barred Rock gets sat upon and often sticks its head in the corner to sleep. It's feisty and will decide that it's done taking any shit and blitz the other two, causing a small cacophony of little cheeps.

They all have narcolepsy and it doesn't matter what's going on. Head in the food bin and asleep...whatever. It's hilarious.

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R.U.P. said...

After much deliberation, I'm ready to submit my chick name entries. I say why not name them for the joy they will bring?
Yellow Araucana--Scramble
Colorful Araucana--O.E. (as in Over Easy)
Barred Rock--Poach