Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Be like me

Why can't everybody be like me. A guest at the cafe insists on drinking drip coffee and 50% caffeine at that. So here I am to lay down this edict: Espresso is better than drip. Always. I understand that such a statement is usually considered an opinion but in this case it is a universal truth. Amen. If one must have a bloo'y driplike experience, be real and get an americano. Or, better yet, be a stud and get a depth charge. I know I know doesn't that contradict? Well espresso is always better, as per my edict, but if you take a coffee and add a shot ... well then, isn't that one badass drink.

I wonder what would happen if one ran freshly brewed coffee into an espresso machine. Other than the demise of the machine, what would it taste like? Would there be certain nuanced flavors that could be created with various beans, roasts, etc for both processes? No one should ever actually do this, it's just something that I wondered about for a moment.

So I skipped the promised mountain bike ride report so here's the short of it: The trail was nearly all singletrack with some easy rock sections but most of it was buttery goodness. It snowed on our heads along the ridge and we magically found the other part of the trail for something between Coe, the Creampuff and Drunken Bear. How else to day it: That sheo' was dope.

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Anonymous said...

Not that I'm disagreeing with the essence of your statement, but "universal truth" is downright closed minded! That's red state talk! That's it, I need a shot from the cafe to straighten me out.