Sunday, November 26, 2006

ahhh mud

Friday, November 17, 2006

The most disturbing thing I've seen lately

With Amy away, I settled in to watch a totally awesome guy movie with lots of explosions and machine gun battles... yeah, you know... the stuff I *always* watch.

So in the documentary "The Future of Food" it goes into the dynamics of GMO foods and the pervasive nature of Monsanto and how it, in no uncertain terms, owns the US politicians who make decisions that increase their profits. And it also depicts, again in no uncertain terms, totally f**k the consumer, the environment, and the livilihood of the farmer. It's truly nothing short of evil.

The story is best told by them versus me writing some synopsis of it. Go Netflix this movie and grab a tasty bag of corn chips and enjoy!

The only thing that keeps me from being frightened to my core by this movie is how our family eats nearly 100% organic. While we've been able to pay our way out of this problem, not everyone can throw down the extra 20%-100% cost difference to go this route.