Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sick and ugly

Not only am I *still* working to recover from an ugly flu bug that wiped out my weekend I also have an embarrassing gouge on the bridge of my nose... sexy. Double sexy when I'm coughing or shivering under the covers with a big fleece had on simultaneously hot and cold.

On a brighter note, Mrs. Amy rallied on her first mountain bike race since producing two lovely boys. The conditions were sub-optimal to say the least with mud so thick that she had to stop about half a dozen times to expunge the grunge so the wheels would turn. You bikers out there know what I mean, those that don't have ... seriously... no idea. It's ugly, the bike triples its weight and becomes a useless anchor.

All in all she survived the day and has begun the slow emergence back into one of her strongest loves: biking in the forest on singletrack. Well done Amy.

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UM said...

I like the "new" look. Keep those photos of the kids rolling. UM