Tuesday, March 21, 2006

as requested

Word on the street is that *someone* didn't like the restaurant-menu style of the blog. So here's a different one. Enjoy.

How about those boys in the trailer... seriously... is there anything cooler? While Ben's stepping up trying to pick fights with Mom and Dad, he loves to entertain Max both in and out of the trailer. Now if we can only get him to actually do what he's told, we'd be in fab shape. {sigh}


R.U.P. said...

a) I didn't say I didn't *like* the restaurant-menu design. I just felt underdressed.

b) The stylie new look is very pleasing, indeed. What does 565 mean?

c) Two boys in a trailer are worth more than a chicken in a bush.

d) Fine photo of your 37-year-old self. Now let's talk about the CCt. Where do *I* get one?

ChuckyLuv said...

a) I know you think you're all important n shit but this comment didn't come from you. It came from an outside channel... Amy talking to her... ahem... brother.

b) dude, numbers are all urb n shit.
c) no shit
d) I feel like... and in terms of the CC shirts, those came from {shock} the very same brother as an Xmas gift. The guy is brilliant. The shirt is dope.