Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nimble shopping

On occasion, shopping carts get left along our street. I often return them the local grocer a mere block away. Recently TWO grocery cartS appear from a Trader Joe's grocer, over twenty blocks away.

This is the last straw.

Armed with an idea, I take them into the workshop. I flip one upside down and grease the bearings. Not only do I grease the wheel bearings but the rotation ones as well. I also clean the tires and sand off any irregularities. I then steal two more of the rotational wheels and replace the back wheels with these. This gives us four wheel steering.

I clean the cage and make a few other modifications. I zip tie the seat so there's no more of that familiar cart rattle. I take my staplegun with some padding and cloth and upholster the seat for ben. I even make a back pad and 3 point harness with some leftover webbing and clips. I take cycling bar tape and wrap the handle. The masterpiece is ready.

Now, when we go shopping, we bring our own high performance cart. We *OWN* the isles and we see the jealousy in people's eyes when they get the crappy cart with the wobbly or stuck wheel. No more... we're all done with that nonsense. It's quite the conversation starter.

Hoo Ray!

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