Tuesday, April 04, 2006


For those that don't appreciate espresso, here's a translation of this blog entry: Blah blah blah tasty blah blah blah amazing blah blah blah sublime blah blah blah nobody knows how to make it this good except me blah blah blah.

Those who have a slight inkling about the joys of caffeine, read on.
Lately I have been putting together some truly sublime drinks. While my expertise plays a role, it's the espresso roast from Blue Gardenia that's the reason behind this leap in quality. The stuff is truly amazing and my first successful foray into single origin espresso. Like a good year in wine, these beans (& I'm only on bag #3) may not last. Next season's crop will undoubtedly be different and I hope, just as good. To expect better would be extremely optimistic. I may look back at spring/summer 06 as a special time.

Coffee as wine. It should be considered with a similar lense. Particular grapes/beans, particular years, particular regions, specific estate growers. This is the buzz on the street about coffee. There's a higher level of quality being developed through partnerships to bring coffee away from treating it as a commodity.

I'm just enjoying the lingering flavor from my just finished macchiato. This stuff is divine.

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