Thursday, January 13, 2005

Somehow anti war = pro terrorist?

To hear a person utter such nonsense is disturbing. This tool Kristin Taylor (male) of the Free Republic said the following, paraphrased: Code Pink and Answer (act now to stop war and end racism) have aligned themselves with the terrorists & Saddam ... is akin to giving Saddam & the terrorists a cheerleading section.

Listen for yourself:

I've been to a meeting where I met some Code Pink people and they're wonderful kind souls. The thing that confuses me is why being anti-war isn't what everyone is with exception of perhaps executives at Northrup and the bomb making community. Who stands up and gets counted as pro-war? I mean seriously, read the ANSWER acronym out loud & ponder how anything there can be construed as anything but noble.

I'm not sure whether I prefer Mr. Taylor to be intentionally misleading or stupid. I'd prefer that he knows better but is pushing an agenda as stupidity might garner a touch of sympathy.


The Exile said...

>>I mean seriously, read the ANSWER acronym out loud & ponder how anything there can be construed as anything but noble.>>

And Stalin continually talked about being "for the people" while he was in the process of killing 50 - 100 million of them.

Are you so naive that you just automatically believe that what their acronym says is the truth?

Stalin could have called the Soviet Union "The Land of Bunnies and Kittens and Flower-filled Meadows" and it wouldn't have changed the fact that he killed people in numbers that made Hitler look like a slacker.

The fact is, ANSWER is funded by communists. If I'm not mistaken, it is actually an offshoot of the World Worker's Party. A simple web search will back this up.

They said not a word when Milosovek waged war on Muslims. Isn't that war AND racism?

They didn't lift a finger when white farmers were physically removed from their farms in Africa, some beaten severely in the process. If that's not racist, what is?

They said nothing while Saddam Hussein was waging war on his own people.

Obviously, they're not against war and racism. They're against the United States and capitalism.

Maybe you should do some research and think for yourself instead of just believing what these people are telling you. Mr. Taylor may be pushing an agenda, but so is ANSWER.

ChuckyLuv said...

You have a point indeed. I've done precisely zero research on answer but am somewhat familiar with Code Pink so I, perhaps incorrectly, made the *assumption* that they were similarly aligned. That's what I get for connecting the dots without digging deeper I suppose.

The most surprising thing of all is that anyone's reading my blog. I just chucked it up here as a way to keep current with friends and such. I'll have to dig around and see if there's a hit counter.