Thursday, January 27, 2005


You know you're doomed when you see the pigs. Chris & I arrive at the trailhead to enjoy the unusually generous temperature reading for the day. Warm in January in Oregon? Wierd. So I meet two of the nicest guys and their pigs. Chris and I put our decidedly un-piggy mammals into the truck with their pigs and head up the hill for a [ackkk] shuttle run. Our mammals like to climb but the pigs had a decidedly piggy plan and we we're along for the ride.

Out of our league, the pigs ruled the kingdom. They ransacked the village, floated across tall beams and flew through the air like it was nothing. Meanwhile our spindly little critters timidly crept through the forest and made little "eep" sounds as we skittered along. All we can say is that we survived the day of pigs without damage. We will meet those pigs again and when we do we will be victorious. When we meet, we will go ...

... up.

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