Tuesday, July 12, 2005

los dos

Number two otherwise known as MAX is a delight. While he's more similar than not in comparison to a young two week old Benjamin, he's a ton more fun. Why? The parent's perspective has changed. With B-Dog, it was, "Now what? What does that sound mean? Should we call a doctor? How do I hold him? Is he eating enough? Is that how poop is supposed to look? Why is he crying?"

Now we're old pros at this and, while exhausting, it's easier to focus on him versus his condition. We know what to filter. We know what's urgent and what really isn't. So it's a great time and we're all very happy.

Ben's on a roller coaster where he gets surly and needy but then bounces back and just wants to play with blocks. He's shown nothing but affection for his baby brother. Mister Benjamin is truly TWO as he's testing every boundary there is. The interesting thing is that he responds to and even *likes* having the boundaries. Sure we've read that but to see it in action is cool.

Amy's mom Betsy has been helping us tremendously with all tasks and will be here another week. We're pretty much screwed when she's gone.

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