Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8 & 1/2 hours

so everything was cool (aka jiggy) as we headed to the airport. I arrived at the rental car dropoff where the guy noticed a smallish upwardly protruding dent in the trunk. Such a dent could only be caused by slamming the trunk upon large pointy luggage. My luggage being neither large nor pointy could not have done this. So I fill out a stupid [expletive] form that takes me ~5 minutes. I check into my 8:30 pm flight and all is swell except I have to suffer through three and a half hours in the airport. I look for an earlier flight and miss the 5:15 flight by, oh... about ~5 minutes.

The 8:30pm flight has been delayed. We'll now call it the 1:30am flight. That's eight & a half hours in this airport. You'd think I'd write a wittier or longer or somehow more brill post to the blog 'cause i got nothin' but time. Alas I'm surly and worked so all you get is the rant. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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