Tuesday, July 26, 2005

7 and 3

Two great numbers in cycling


If that needs explanation then you're living under a rock.

The 3, however, might need clarification. Three is the number of rides I managed to do in three days. This is nearly a miracle when Max is a little over three weeks old. Day one was a two hour sprint where I made it from 15th/Fremont NE across town and over the bridge to the Forest park trailhead in ... 17 minutes. pain. Day two was an epic in the mountains on the singlespeed. Seven mountains were in view (Jefferson, Hood, Adams, St Helens, Sisters (1,2,3) along with wildflowers and other insane beauty. Riding a single speed on such a big hill is positively idiotic for someone who doesn't have any significant mileage this season.

Continuing with the insanity was day three: a short track after work bike race. Thirty minutes of pain. Again racing with little training. My tongue was dragging along the ground. I did beat both my friends who are riding far more than I am. They had their excuses and I chose well from the quiver by riding the cross bike. So they certainly ARE stronger but sometimes it's strategery [sic] and luck that wins the day.

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Anonymous said...

I'll smoke ya at the race next week! Grrrr. I'll be bringing out the Empella for some serious racing ;) No shortcuts.