Monday, September 25, 2006

*MORE* boredom

I thought, in continuation of a theme, I'd list out the top gross things in our trash can right now:

Cat poo
Dirty Diapers (Ben and Max Poo)
Festering ziplock of uncooked eggs
unidentified ziplock of brown liquid
... and the winner
A dead mouse - crisp, hardened and nearly weightless

What? No comments? Can't really believe it.


r.U.P. said...

Oh this is fun! In *my* trash you'll find 3 empty coffee cups, some slightly soiled napkins, and a few Ziploc(R) bags with peanut butter and jelly residue. Tame, I know. But I'm in my office. My trash at home has a decomposing whale carcass.

Sherm said...

Sorry, last night was trash-night. Our cans are empty.

ChuckyLuv said...

Aw Sherm, you're letting me down. I'm *sure* if you take a flashlight and look at the inside of the can there just has to be some disgusting residue or perhaps something stuck to the bottom. Maybe smelling it would help identify. If that doesn't work there's always... nevermind

Sherm said...

No, we use non-biodegradable trash can liners. No odor, no leaks, no surprises.