Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A toast from one steaming thing to another. It's a great hike/scramble and I *highly* recommend it to anyone who has baseline fitness and owns a thermos.


R.U.P. said...

STOP THE PRESSES! Did Chuckyluv just call a *hike* great??? I thought hiking was, by definition, slow and boring and therefore not worthy of your participation. Who are you and what have you done with the real Chuckyluv?

ChuckyLuv said...

Dude, this "hike" is on bigass rocks where you can BLEED and BREAK BONES. I managed the bleeding part but failed on the second opportunity for pain. Like a spider I crept up reaching-pulling-twisting-scheming. It was a puzzle unfolding. This was no slog-slog-slog one foot in front of the other stupidity that people like to do in the forest because they're not clever enough to ride bikes instead. This is all the interesting stuff about rock climbing without all the gear and the fear of heights. And then there was this fuming noisy volcano thing at the top. Honestly, I was hoping for one of the 3ish magnitude earthquakes to hit when we were there. They seem to happen every day or two so being on the mountain for 7-9 hours had a real chance to feel some "action". it was phat