Sunday, August 13, 2006


The more I live, the more I am disconnected with all that is crap in this country:
  • I am disconnected from fast food & factory farms
  • I am disconnected from malls
  • I am disconnected from a car commute & requisite concern for gas prices. In fact I'd *love* to see them hit $9/gallon. Not right away, not in such a way that really screws over those just getting by but in an easily seen trend, say up a dollar every year. This would radically alter the economy in an ecologically positive way. & ... I'm quite sure of this one, our aggegate GDP would rise faster as a result.

The more I live, the more I am connected to all that is good in this country:
  • I am connected with indy and local sources of food & coffee... & super fresh eggs!
  • I am connected with the mountains, bike racing scene, & PDX culture
  • I am connected to my job via a ten mile bike commute
These are all the top of my head sort of changes. I'm not putting this out there to say, "Hey look how swell I am" because I'm quite sure that I impress few with my actions. I do this stuff for me, because I seriously feel ill whan I do otherwise. Speaking of feeling ill, I'm *out* of coffee beans and that's a serious problem which will be rectified at exactly 7am tomorrow. Fishew!

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