Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Buying a house?

Or selling one? This is a shameless plug for a friend. Zach Newman found us our home and did more work, and this is no exaggeration, than our previous 3 realtors combined. If you ever say to yourself that they don't deserve the % they get it's because they don't work like Zach does. So I'm sending this shout out to generate business for my man Zaaaaaach. He rules. If you find yourself in the buy/sell situation you really need to work with him.


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Bronson said...

Damn friggin straight. Zach earned his money 5 times over for us. We had a very difficult aquisition process for our home, and he went far and beyond the call of duty. I hope when we decide to sell that he can have the easiest process possible. Just to make up for how hard he worked on the first one. To boot, he found us a home that has appreciated exponentially in just 3 years.

I hope anyone considering buying or selling a home, chooses him as an agent. They won't regret it. Particularly if you've never ben through the process before. He's got the patience of Job.