Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So I have this situation where I'm going out to dinner with someone and they've recommended a really crappy restaurant. Without going into details, I'm not in a position to say, "Why would you pick a corporate soulless crappy restaurant next to the freeway in big-box retail hell?"

I'm just thinking that wouldn't go over very well. So here I am in Portland, a city brimming with fantastic local restaurants, all with energy and soul and really good beers and I'll be sitting in deep fried mysery listening to the muffled rush of freeway traffic. And I'll probably be drinking, at best, a Michelob.

And given its proximity, I'll end up driving there.

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Sherm said...

Had a business trip to Madison Wisconsin once and after a long day my hosts offered to take me out to dinner at this "great new restaurant" that just opened up in town. First time this Boston boy had ever been to a Red Lobster.