Monday, October 10, 2005


but not *that* slow. Cross race #2 results are in. You need to click on the 5th page as I cannot link directly. Single speeding is good fun. These results involve a training strategy of sitting in an office chair and maybe a little gardening. While the season is less than half way done, I'm thinking about next season when, if I actually try, I could have a real chance at getting results with swag associated.

One thing that I know could shave LOTS of time would be to learn how to run beyond the speed of a grandmother with a cane. I often feel the wooosh of wind as others pass me during the carry sections. I'm realllly bad. What I need (for next season) is the equivalent of torque. I need to be able to accelerate the legs while slopping through thick gooey mud with a bike on my shoulder. Ugh


rodney said...

Whoa man, you're riding single speed 'cross now? Sick!

wickerd said...

A few blogs ago you said maybe we should post something about our own lives, so... Karol and I (Chuck's brother) went sailboat racing last weekend and beat the nearest competition by 10:40 minutes. Must find better competition. Oh yea, before we went racing we bought this