Wednesday, October 05, 2005


ok... i LIED about not posting. This is partly my ranting board so here's one for today:

Hairbender espresso blend is far-and-away the best. Everything else is either a not-close second or a sad "please bury me with lots of milk" grade product.

What is it with the collective other roasters? I visited a promising place Tuesday with its Probat roaster sitting in all of it's steam train styled glory. If Hairbender is a full delicious cabernet, then this was one of those off spanish reds that was left in the sun too long and sold for $3.99 at Trader Joe's as a result.

I like to try new beans from promising roasters but time and time again I relegate them to the "backup bean" canister inside of a dozen shots and refresh the hopper with more Hairbender.

I know... who cares?

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R.U.P. said...

I care. I will be visiting the Community Cafe in just one week and I want none of that 'backup bean' in my cup!