Saturday, March 05, 2005


When I first moved into my house, I was in love. Sure it needed a few minor tweaks but it was ok as is. Nearing a year in this place it has been like sleeping on a lumpy bed after drinking too much coffee. Lots of tossing and turning, waiting, then flopping about again in search of the confortable position. Lets see, our bedroom has moved 3 times, my office thrice as well, b-dog's playroom twice. At least the kitchen hasn't moved. The analogy isn't perfect as it's nice here already but something wasn't quite right.

With the landscaping coming into bloom, the bedroom moved upstairs (involving complete destruction & reassembly of box spring), & the bathroom to be completed in the near term, I'm really starting to feel like we have a home here. The master suite will be decadent luxury with skylights in the bedroom and almost an all glass ceiling in the bathroom. Although I've forgotten what it sounds like, the pitter patter of rain on glass will make for perfect slumber. Wierd as people find it, having the fancy toilet moving upstairs in our private space will be a good thing. The style of the bathroom will be strongly japanese although those not versed in that genre will simply like the elegant simplicity and minimalism of it all. Lots of earth tones and textures will permeate the space.

It's nice to buy a house and get past the first major phase of modifications where it goes from house to home. Sure there will always be the list but the sense of urgency will wane for awhile as we enjoy the super local as well as the local of our environment.

"Portland's got soul and it's su[per]bad." -b-dog

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