Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I need to listen to my body. My back was killing me but I went on a mountain bike ride anyway. I rode the single speed up 3000'. There's no greater torque that can be put upon the lower back than muscling up a steep mountain in a tall gear. THEN to make matters worse, I rode a substantial ride the following day. I took my geared bike so I could be gentle to my back and spun up another 3000' or so. Later that evening I looked in the mirror and noticed that my back was completely eskew. I was the leaning tower of Chaz. I dosed up on vitamin I and went to bed. While I'm not fresh as a spring chicken, alignment has returned. I feel like an old man. Single speedin' is a younger man's game. BUT that which doesn't kill (or permanently damage) you, makes you hurt... I mean makes you stronger. Yeah, that's what I mean't. Speaking of spring chickens, they're doing well and are a bit larger. The cats are shockingly disinterested in the little birds. I think they're afraid of the red glowing incubator. good.

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Anonymous said...

It only gets worse buddy welcome to the club. Dr. B in Atlanta