Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Feet

Not *that* Little Feet but if you'll be my dixie chicken... nevermind.

At 5am our guests are departing for the airport. I hear little 3 year old Max call out for Mommy who is downstairs. I then here the pitter patter of little feet. I think, "Oh good, Max is heading into this bedroom and will nuzzle in to sleep for a bit."

But then...

I hear "falummph, falummph, falummph, falummph ..." which I parse as him sliding down the stairs on his pajama clad bottom. I'm amused at how these sounds paint such a precise picture about what is happening. I now listen more intently because I don't know if anyone is aware of his presence and they're loading up luggage and getting ready to drive away. I wait until I hear that he has been "received."

"MAX!!!" Someone calls out, "What are you doing awake?" ... all is well and I drift back to sleep.

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