Monday, April 28, 2008

Which one?

Our little Ben has decided he needs to know our opinion on every single thing. And it's always in the form of "Which one is better?"

Some examples:
"Which is your favorite car?" [referencing his obsession with the Cars movie characters]
"What do you like better, burritos or pizza?"

This is endless from when he opens his eyes at 6:40am to when he finally falls asleep at 9:06pm.

The best was, "What do you like better, the crust or the cheese?"
My response that he was having none of was this, "I like crust a little and I like cheese a little and I like sauce a little. But when you put it all together I like that way better."
"But Dad, which one do you like better?"
"I like it all Ben."
"But which one?"
... ahh kids.

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