Friday, March 07, 2008

PuvVa me

Our little Max asks to be covered, ahem... puvva'd up with his blanket all the time. Often he will be taking his nap or sleeping when he will wake up and scream "Puvva ME!" and start crying. We don't always do this for him but when we do, he will nestle back in and go right back to sleep. It's very cute if it's your kid, which he is to me.

Another thing did his parents proud was when Ben was sad and crying because of his case of scarlet fever. Max was at the bookcase offering up books for Ben.
"This one Ben?"
"What about this one Ben?"
... and so on. Max was being so caring, like as if he was a parent trying to sooth his child. And this is coming from the younger of the two. Max often spontaneously asks for hugs and tells Ben that he loves him. Of course they argue over the same toys all day long but there are these moments that are pretty wonderful.

BTW, his blanket is usually quite filthy and stinky. We have to sneak it away from him and get it cycled through the wash/dry double quick. So he likes to be puvva'd with this fetid thing all the time.... eeeick.

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