Friday, May 05, 2006

max can't stack blocks

How could a Dad be so negative? Oh the horror. So the thing is this, he understands the concept of stacking but cannot execute on the task. If I place a block on the carpet and hand him a block, he'll try to put it on top. If I repeat this while holding the previous two blocks for stability, he tries to put on a third. So he's *got* the concept of stacking which seems pretty cool.

In other news, I'm now employed at
Seems the era of telecommuting has ended. And it's a good thing as I was quietly going insane. Already enjoying the impromptu vacation. Start date is June 1.

And in other other news, my oldest brother John is getting married in Cancun Mexico and we're joining him this week. The beach is not my sort of vacation but I'll find a way to suffer through the azure skies and clear clear water.

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