Thursday, September 01, 2005

Forlorn hens

Hen's are on strike. The duck isn't talking either. We're all getting a little nervous around here. It has been 7 days since we've had eggs. Would somebody tell us what's going on?

Click Clack Bok, Clickity Clack Bok.


R.U.P. said...

Clearly the hens on summer break. And don't they deserve it? They'll be back in production soon enough. Unless they unionize. Then you're screwed. Thanks for the photo of the new ride, by the way. Veruh nice.

Sherm said...

Maybe the hens want a ride in the new van? Who could blame them? BTW, I know a place where they'll give you eggs if you give them money. Not eBay. Sherm

wickerd said...