Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hi Ben, "What are you doing in the bathtub?"

So Benjamin's little brain is accelerating. @2years5months he's all of the sudden developed some impressive logical deduction skills along with speech to match... oh and an imagination. The title of this post was what Ben said in the voice of a plastic fish. Ben spoke on behalf of the plastic fish (which does not actually make any noise). So this means many things. First, he's personified the fish. Second, the fish is speaking to Ben with a bit of social skill, first with a greeting followed by a question. The quote is simple enough but if you look at the constructs to get there, it's quite amazing.

Then he freaked out when in bed. I was refilling his water bottle when he screamed, "Need to take a shower" followed by, "Dirty again" (which he wasn't). He never saw the shower but we talked about taking one earlier instead of a bath. He must have done a visual association with me filling the water bottle and the view of the shower which triggered that memory and then the request. He's never watched me fill water into his bottle in the bathroom but I leave and he hears water and deduces that it's coming from the sink. That's probably not as interesting a development but the overall framework that's being wired in his head is hard to even conceptualize even at this age.


Anonymous said...
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R.U.P. said...

Um...is that a SPAM comment on your blog?!? Oh that is very sad indeed if they're now going to infiltrate random blogs. If it's not spam, then Anonymous should perhaps consider commenting in some way that is the least bit relevant to your post (he says with a great deal of attitude). For example, Anonymous might have said, "that boy Ben is every bit the genius we all knew he would be."