Monday, June 13, 2005

scarcity & season

Everybody loves blueberry pie. This is a universal truth. Armed with this knowledge I considered the fact that at any given moment, say the dead of winter, I can have a blueberry pie.

Seriously... isn't that great?


Crazy? Perhaps but there is one thing better than blueberry pie... the anticipation of blueberry pie. It's the scarcity that makes things interesting, makes things worthwhile, makes us actually happy. Having all the stuff all the time isn't really helpful at all. Sure it seems like 27/7/365 access to blueberry pie would be pretty much perfection but it just makes it ordinary.

There's an interesting statistic that wealth has no correlation to happiness in children and adults. There is a minimum threshold to this, abject poverty for example. But beyond that, there is no correlation... none.

There is a particular kind of magic in living within the seasons, waiting for certain produce to be harvested from less than 100 miles away. I explicitly choose to do this which is kind of sad. It would be more interesting if there was some challenge, some effort, some hardship in getting things from faraway lands and items out of season. Climbing to the top of the mountain is one million times more satisfying than pulling over at the scenic overlook for the same view.

Which brings me back to the blueberry pie. The farmer's market is rumored to have blueberries coming soon. But you've got to get up early because they sell out quick.


Anonymous said...

just a test

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you are talking about. Although we don't have to wait - our blueberry bushes in the backyard have been quite prolific this week! Last night Rob and I picked blueberries until their was no more room in our hands. I love being able to take the kids outside and let them pick to their hearts content knowing I don't need to wash them because they are truely organic. (We are lazy gardeners!) Blueberry cobbler - I can taste it already. Too bad the season is so short but it just makes the cobbler that much sweeter.

Mary B.