Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All grown up

Not Benjamin... the chickens.
The yet-to-be-named birds are living large in the coop. They migrated from the incubator to the coop in a dramatic ceremony. The grand ceremony consisted of me picking them up and gently placing them in the coop. This followed by the ceremonial food & water followed by the ceremonial food scrap toss. Benjamin got into the game with his own tossing of the food.

Maybe we'll put in a webcam in there. The purpose would, of course, be data collection. We'd monitor worm activity and make note of time of day and which bird got the worm. Then we could finally put that age old expression to the test.

[no you're not getting a hint. If you don't know the saying then well... hmm... looks like you're stuck then.]

photos to follow


Sherm said...

I'd be willing to pay a fee to see the chicks in the coup, just like I do to see the chicks in that dorm at USC... oops, not supposed to let anyone know about that....
MV Chicken Cam

R.U.P. said...

As yet unnamed??? So you were just smooth-talkin' me when you said you liked my suggestions, is that it? Fine. NOMORENAMESFORYOU.